25mm x 25mm Box Section 2mm Wall Thickness

Manufacturer: Bram Racing

25mm x 25mm box section, 2mm wall thickness.

Mass per metre =1.34Kg/M, Area of section =1.70cm2

Second moment of area =1.43cm4, Radius of gyration =0.916cm,

Elastic modulus =1.14cm2, Torsional movement of inertia =2.52cm4,

Torsional modulus =1.78cm3, Superficial area per metre =0.091m2.

Priced per metre.

Maximum length by courier is 2m, larger amounts will be sent as multiples of 2m and 1m lengths.

Up to 7.5m is available in single lengths for collection by special order.

25mm x 25mm Box Section Per Metre
Manufacturer part number: 25X25BOX2MM
£2.40 excl tax
25mm x 25mm Box Section 2 Metre Length
Manufacturer part number: 25X25BOX2MMX2M
£4.80 excl tax