A descision is made...

After much head scratching and checking of bank balances and sanity...

The original concept was born!

Remove the rotten body of the discovery and drop onto the chassis a basic roll cage and reclothe is some Landrover panels.

After a quick chat to Paul at Tomcat regarding a basic frame, it was deemed easier to order a full frame and have it fitted to the chassis, as well as quicker due to being away with work all week!

This very quickly lead to the conclusion that if you build a 'Tomcat', you build a 'Tomcat' i.e. you do it properly! the difference in overall budget and build time between a full Tomcat and a Discovery / Landrover hybrid was not that much, but a fully road legal Tomcat would allways be worth more / more desirable.....

Descisions made, the body was sold off to repair a crash damaged Discovery that was the same colour and a plot was hatched on how to remove the body from the chassis in 1 up the 9" grinder!!!!!

Stardate : late September 2010...

stripping down the 300tdi Discovery

So the stripdown begins! Anything of use was carefully removed and boxed up ready for reassembly later.

Many many many boxes later lead to a cold damp Saturday in December arranged for the body and chassis to be seperated.

discovery 300 tdi body

Off to be recycled and keep another rusty Discovery on the road a bit longer!

What was left was this!!!!!!!!

Land Rover Discovery chassis

Fortunatly there were no nasty suprises, most of the rust had been held at bay by various oil leaks! but there was a large amount of dried mud everywhere!!

Several jetwashes later the chassis was ready to be prepped and sent of to Lincolnshire....