the axles what were on the old car were sold with the car but the axel corners were chanded to standard. we now need to refurbish the old axle corners as seen below


Land Rover front corner

Above, corner removed from the axle


Land Rover Axles Disassembled

before the parts were sandblasted and painted

Landrover front Hub disassembled refrubished

 after the corners were sandblasted and painted


Land Rover disk and hub


 assembeld back to gether

 Land Rover Hub  and disc

  Land Rover Radius Arm


 above the radius arm has been powder coated

Land Rover Axles



























 above the axle back from blasting ready for the panhard rod brackets to be welded on, see below

Rear Axle mounting replacement


Land Rover axle with new brackets

Still needing a few things cut off like the A fraim bracket

Land Rover Axle with new brackets


Land Rover axle replacement bracket




 Landrover Diff Guard

 Above and below, paper template of the new diff pan

 Landrover Diff Guard



 landrover axles powdercoated

Axles back from powedr coaters

landrover hd diff pan

 the heavy duty diff pan should provide enough protection to the four pin diff

Land rover hub and disc

 wonder how long it will stay looking thet clean

Landrover complete back axle