Boingy bits added.....

Originally I had fitted a Gwyn Lewis suspension kit to the Discovery, later modified with Britpart components - mainly on the front end.

My original plan was to use the exisiting suspension, but I would have to swap the +2" heavy duty lift kit for something with a much lighter poundage due to the 'diet'.

After a discussion with Paul at Tomcat, he suggested NRC4305, and for those interested..... they are specc'ed as follows:


Rate: 149.03LBS/IN,

Colour code:RED-YELLOW,

Free length:17.18,

7.65 Coils per spring

and originally fitted to :RANGE ROVER DIESEL LH FRONT LHD.

A chance purchase of some 2" Fox Shock dampers, meant that I would not have to fabricate some form of adaptor for the front mounts, but I would have to loose the rear suspension relocation hooks.

I would possibly also loose some of the rear travel, but I have kept the cranked rear radius arms and the pin top mounts, so by dint of 30 minutes work, I can convert from 'race' spec to 'maximum travel' spec.

For now I have kept the 'A' frame at the rear for the purposes of keeping the 'original' suspension setup for the VOSA / IVA  in the hope of keeping things simple for changing the V5 later on (!).

fox shocks suspension mount

The spring retainers were modified to take the lower Fox damper mounts, galvanised, etch primed and painted.... along with everything else that a rattle can could be pointed at!