Bowler Wildcat SPF0195SK-Radius Arm To Diff Mount (Axle) for Speed Events - Postion: Front -

Bowler/Tomcat Tomcat Land Rover & Classic Range Rover Front radius Arm to Axle Mounting Bush Kit Speed Events
Manufacturer: SuperPro

Quantity required: 1 - Kit contains: 4 Bushes,4 Tubes - Other Info: Crush tube length 54mm - With outer Steel Shell


This bush has been developed by Tomcat and Superpro.  It was found through extensive testing that an uprated component is required for front axle location during speed events such as Competitive Safari. SPF0195SK uses a steel outer sleeve on the bush to gives a more positive location in the radius arm and maintain this throughout the life of the bush.  The steel sleeve prevents excessive twisting within the arm and premature wear.
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Manufacturer part number: SPF0195SK
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