Bowler/Tomcat - Heavy Duty for Speed Events - Land Rover & Classic Range Rover Radius Arms - 54mm Crush Tube - SPF0206AK

Land Rover Bowler/Tomcat - Radius Arm To Chassis Mount -Position:Rear Developed by Tomcat Motorsport and Superpro
Manufacturer: SuperPro

Quanity required: 1 - Kit contains: 4 Bushes - Competition Use Only


For use with Tomcat vehicles using original front radius arms on the rear.

This bush was developed by Tomcat Motorsport and Superpro.  Due to high stresses produced during speed events this bush is heavier duty to prevent premature failure of the bush.  The bush has the groove deleted to give a more even stress loading through the bush.

To fit later large nut radius arms only.

Manufacturer part number: SPF0206AK
£30.65 excl tax