Fitting Instructions

  • All Superpro       polyurethane suspension components are manufactured from the      highest grade, hot cured castable material, and must be fitted correctly      to ensure maximum service life.
  • In all bushing applications the polyurethane      acts as a flexible bearing and must      be greased on assembly, unlike rubber where there is no relative      movement at the interface between the rubber and the mating parts.
  • Always use new crush and spacer tubes where      supplied, or thoroughly clean original bearing surfaces where they are to      be reused. All rust and scale must be removed and a clean bearing surface      prepared. Minor surface pitting is acceptable, but badly corroded parts      should be replaced.
  • Where      required all Superpro  kits contain      a small quantity of polyurethane grease. This grease should be applied to      all polyurethane surfaces in contact with metal.
  • Always tighten mounting bolts with the vehicle      at normal ride height, as failure to do so may create torsional stresses,      which may lead to early bushing failure. Always replace any lock washers      or split pins and refer to manufacturers specifications for correct nut      and bolt tightening torque.
  • When fitting male and female caster bar bushes      the male bush is always fitted to the side with the greatest load.
  • Some Superpro       components are designed to use original equipment outer cases,      which should be left in place in the arm. Please refer to the specific      instructions in the Superpro  kit      before dismantling the arm. You may be required to warm the old bushing to      break the rubber to metal bond and clean inside the diameter of the OE      case before assembly.
  • When assembling the bushing and crush tube,      it's best to assemble the bushing into the arm first, then the tube into      the bushing. Each bushing is designed with an amount of 'crush' and the      tube is often used to expand the bushing for correct fit. If you fit the      tube first, you may find the bushing too big to assemble.

All Superpro  bushings have been designed specifically for each catalogued application and it should not be necessary to modify the bushing in any way.