Guide to Ordering Online


  • First of all, if you 'Right Mouse Click' on the guide on the left hand of the webpage, and click 'Open in new tab' you can read this whilst placing your order.
  • Products are shown under various categories, so some may appear under more than one, making it easier to find.  The same products may also be listed under ‘Manufacturers’
  • Any product picture on the homepage can be clicked on to take you to that product. 
  • Once a product has been clicked on, you can see all the information on that product, together with any reviews from previous customers.  At the bottom of the page it will also show other products which may be related in some way to the one chosen.  
  • At the bottom of the product picture is the price and quantity.  Make sure the quantity is correct for your order and click ‘add to cart’. If you would like to save it to a wishlist click ‘add to wishlist’ – this then allows you to add to cart later or email the product details to a friend.  
  • Once you have added everything you need to cart it’s time to check out.  Click on ‘Shopping cart’ at top right hand of page.  
  • The shopping cart does not mean you have placed an order,  items can be removed or added to at this point.  
  • To find out how much the shipping cost will be go to the ‘Estimate shipping’ box in the middle of the page.  The country tab needs to state which country you are shipping to, and your postcode needs to go in the bottom box.  Then click on ‘Estimate shipping’ and it should give you two options – either In–store pickup, which is always an option, or the cost of shipping it to your door. If only In-store pickup is displayed you have probably forgotten to fill in one of the boxes.   
  • This page is also the page where any discount code you have been given can be applied.  
  • To checkout, you need to click on the box below the total cost, to say you agree to terms of service.  
  • To purchase the products or find a total amount, including shipping and VAT, click ‘Checkout’. 
  • You can now either log in as a guest (no details necessary), register as a new customer or log in if you've done so in the past put in your email and password.  Your personal details will be held securely and never given or sold on to any third parties.  
  • Once logged in, you may be taken back to the homepage, but if you click on ‘Shopping cart’ it will take you back to your order – again click the ‘I agree to the terms’ box and click checkout again. 
  • The next screen gives the shipping address you provided.  Click on the tab ‘Bill to this address’.  The order summary is shown at the bottom of the page.  Also at the bottom of the page are other items that may interest you.  
  • The next page gives you the option of shipping to the address you previously gave or shipping to another address, maybe a workplace or a relative – all items will need to be signed for.  
  • The next page gives you the options for shipping, either picking it up yourself or paying for delivery.  Tick whichever one you require and it will be added to the cost.  
  • The next page will give you the option of paying in store or paying online by Paypal or any other method set up.  All of our payment methods are very secure, and no payment details will be shown to us or held on our system.  If you choose to pay online, once you have clicked ‘Next’ you will be directed onto the payment provider’s website.  This is normal practice and again is very secure.  It will ask you to confirm the order before taking you to the other website.  If paying by Paypal, you need to log into your normal Paypal account and pay.  If you don’t have a Paypal account you can still pay this way by clicking onto the bottom right hand button ‘Don’t have a Paypal Account?’ 
  • This has now compeleted your order, and you will be sent emails to advise you of the status and when it will be shipped.