Insa Turbo Sahara 205 R 16 104Q

Insa Turbo Sahara is the Off-road tyre with the maximum 4x4 traction

The Insa Turbo Sahara is the Off-road tyre with the maximum 4x4 traction. It is designed for pick-up, leisure and all terrain vehicles that need an optimal traction in extreme conditions in the most demanding areas, being a safe bet for the most extreme 4x4 drivers.

Main characteristics and technical advantages of Sahara:

• The wide tread on the shoulders and the balanced and aggressive disposition with the blocks provide it more traction and an ideal performance in mud and snow.
• The reinforced sidewalls near the shoulders improve protection in the most demanding paths.

The ecological tyre Sahara is made under the most advanced research and development, using Insa Turbo's last technology, developed in its own innovation centre in Aspe. Likewise, it offers bettergrip and less rolling resistance in the driving and at the same time contributes to the environmental care.


This is for ONE tyre,  please order number required. 

Please telephone if fitting is required or you require new wheels also.



Insa Turbo Sahara 205 R16
SKU: InsaTurbo205R16
Manufacturer part number: insaturbo205/80/r16_sahara_s/b_104Q
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