Land Cruiser 60 Series 1980-1990

The Land Cruiser 60 series was produced from 1980 through 1990.

  • 1980 - The 60 series was introduced. While still retaining the rugged off-road characteristics of previous Land Cruisers, the 60 was designed to better compete in the emerging sport utility vehicle market. The 60 was given a variety of comforts like air conditioning, a rear heater and an upgraded interior. The FJ60's "2F" petrol engine was left unchanged from the "40" series while six-cylinder 4.0 L 2H and four-cylinder 3.4 L 3B diesel engines were added to the product line.

  • 1981 - Land Cruiser sales surpassed 1 million and a high-roof version was introduced.

  • 1984 - This was the final year for the 40 series.

  • 1984 - Alongside the 60 series, the 70 series was introduced.

  • 1985 - The Direct-injection 12H-T and 13B-T turbodiesel engines were introduced.

  • 1988 - The petrol engine was upgraded to a 4.0 L 3F-E EFI engine. The FJ62G VX-Series was introduced allowing the Land Cruiser to be sold in Japan as a passenger vehicle.

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Daihatsu Fourtrak F & R Leaf spring models - F70,F75,F80,F85 4/84 - 4/1993
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