Paneling begins

Panneling up is very satisfactory, as the car quickly takes shape and you get to see what the finished vehicle will look like!

First off was the passenger footwell, primarily as it was also the base for the modified air filter and I needed to see how much space there was between the inner wing and the footwell.

tomcat rebuild on 300 tdi Discovery

tomcat rebuild on 300 tdi Discovery

The air filter housing is a standard Defender 300 TDI air filter, but would not fit in its original position at the side of the engine due to the closeness of the drivers footwell.

It has the outlet to the turbo modified so it will flow nicely into the turbo and the intake is actually at the bottom, so any water entering the intake pipe will hopefully fall to the bottom, and the air filter can be replaced easily without removing half the front end!

300 TDI engine fitting in Tomcat

The upright and cone filter are only temporary, eventually there will be a snorkle fitted onto here, but until I consult the IVA / see if it will pass with / without etc, it will stay as it is for now, an dit stops rubbish going into it!

The drivers side is more complex due to the shapes involved in fitting around the pedals and steering column.

tomcat rebuild on 300 tdi Discovery

Next up comes a trip to Lincolnshire to collect some pannels and start to fit them!!!

Grille and trail fitting of one wing & the NAS lights.

Land Rover Tomcat front end

Trail bonnet fitting using defender window hinges as bonnet hinges (MXC7846 and MXC7847)

land rover Tomcat bonnet fitting

Interior cabin fitting out.

Land rover Tomcat interior

This is going to change as there is not enough room to fit the seats in properly, the panel gaps would require too much 'bodging' with mastic.

So out with the interior and start again......