Part 1 of many....

Part 1 of many.....

Way back in the mists of time, my rusty but trusty Discovery 300 TDI was becoming surplus to requirements, a highly-tuned Discovery TD5 Metropolis had replaced its usage for work on the road, and it was getting to a point where I was getting bored with the limitations off-road that the 300TDI could offer without doing something silly and damaging the car or myself or both!!

Discovery TD5 & 300 TDI

The fleet assembled to carefully annoy the neighbours!!!

300 TDI wading!

This sort of activity probably explains why the body started to rot a bit!!!

dislocating discovery

The amount of axle travel was constantly in danger of rolling the car over!

axle twisting discovery 300tdi

The old truck went well, rode well and mechanically, at least, was in good order.

discovery 300 tdi jumping

So! What to do with the old bus?????

Flog it ???

Scrap it ????

Modify and repair it ????