Somewhere to sit.

When it came to the seating arrangements, I had issues with the last seats I had, they were very narrow and uncomfortable.

I tried several seats for comfort, as this is also a road vehicle, and decided upon the Sparco EVO III as a good balance between comfort and holding me in.

The biggest issue is the seat mounts for the Tomcat are way too narrow for the seats and foul the handbrake drum on the back of the gearbox.

300 tdi r380 gearbox

This factor, along with the poor fitting of the floor panels and gearbox tunnel has lead to the mk2 interior being developed.

Sparco seat Land Rover Tomcat

The problem is that the drivers seat will have to sit partly on the transfer box because of the width of the seat and the narrowness of the car.

Sparco seat Land Rover Tomcat

To solve this problem, I will have to construct a new lower frame for the car, to which the seat can be mounted on, keeping the height as low as possible as there is not a lot of headroom due to the rollcage.

The seat has had to be moved back as far as possible to avoid the rollcage and give a comfortable driving position for longer legged drivers.

I am in the process of working out a way of making the seat easily adjustable with locking pins, to allow different drivers to use the car easily, without having to spend 30 mins in a workshop!

The poorly fitting floor panels have been removed and once the framework is finalised for the seats, a better way of flooring will be constructed, possibly using some steel plates welded to the cage in some areas.