Toe & Total Toe

Toe is the angle of the wheels in relation to the vehicles centreline (an imaginary line straight down the centre of the vehicle, when viewed from above).

Just as the name suggests, imagine the pair of wheels (front or back wheels) as a pair of feet.

When you turn your toes inwards and your heels out, this is what is know as Toe-in . And likewise when you turn your toes out and heels in, this is Toe-out .

When this happens to wheels, the edges of your tyres wear excessively –

  • Toe in or Positive Toe causes your car to wear the outside edges.
  • Toe out or Negative Toe your car will wear the inside edges.


Individual toe is measured from the vehicle centre line. Individual toe can be thought of as a ‘per wheel’ value.


Total Toe is the sum of two individual toe angle readings added together.