Work begins in earnest !

June 2011 sees the chassis stripped down of all its components, dispatched to Tomcat Motorsports in lincolnshire and returned with a lot more bits attached!

tomcat frame

Now the assembly can begin!!

Every major component is being stripped down and rebuilt with either the old parts refurbished, or replaced with OEM-spec new parts, so far 80% of the entire vehicle is new!

All new axle end taking place, even the hub castings are new / old Land Rover stock.

land Rover axle halfshaft caliper

Front and back axles fully refurbished and re-attached.

Land rover Tomcat frame

Time to drop the engine and gearbox in.

Originally the engine and gearbox were going to stay in their original locations but.....

This would leave no room for the radiator and intercooler, hence most Tomcat's have the radiator ( and intercooler) in the rear but...

I wanted to keep the rear compartment open so it could be used like a van, rather than a big enclosed useless space.


The front and rear propshafts were swapped and the engine mounts removed, and rewelded 10 1/2 inches further back, new holes drilled for the gearbox X member and sleeved, followed by a lot of shoving and pushing to slide the engine, gearbox and transfer box into the car in 1 go.

300 TDI engine fitting in Tomcat

Starting to look like a car again!