The alignment system we use

The alignment system we use

We use the latest technology to align our vehicles, using the newest system, the Hunter HawkEye Elite TD Aligner.

This system has up to date manufacturers data, is very quick and easy to do, using the very latest wheel clamps that have no metal-to-metal contact, so no chance of damage to rims. 

It uses hi-res digital cameras and specialist software to calculate completely accurate readings.

Car manufacturers such a Audi, BMW, VW, and Bentley as well as top tyre manufacturers use the same system.  

No expense has been spared in order to provide our customers with the very best wheel alignment system on the market.  Many people will only ever have their vehicles aligned using the Hunter system, and we have made sure we have the very latest one.

Our focus is to give excellent customer service, and hope to add to our many already very happy, satisfied customers.