Hunter 4 Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment is an essential vehicle service which ensures your car operates with maximum efficiency, comfort and safety. It achieves this by making sure all of your wheels point in exactly the right direction in relation to each other and your direction of travel.

A Hunter wheel alignment service accurately measures up to 14 primary angles and compares them with the original specifications detailed by your car manufacturer.  If any differences are found we can correct these by adjusting your car’s steering and suspension settings, which helps to maximise your fuel efficiency, reduce uneven tyre wear and improve your driving comfort and safety.

At Bram Racing we use the latest Hunter hi-res digital camera system, Hunter HawkEye Elite TD, in our opinion the best on the market. Our focus is on giving a professional, friendly service, making your car behave and feel like new once again. Call us on 01977 703888 to book your ALIGNMENT CHECK.


We charge per adjustment, as we feel this is the fairest way to charge.

The minimum is £45 which includes a check and two adjustments.  We then charge £15 for each adjustment after that, however we will discuss the costs  after the check is carried out.  Our current cost of a check is £25.

An example of our process is as follows:

  • Vehicle is booked in for alignment.
  • A check is carried out to see how the vehicle is currently setup.
  • You are then informed about the options and number of adjustment required, letting you know the price before we carry out the work.
  • Once agreed. Change are made to the vehicle. However if you don’t want the changes then a charge of £25 alignment check is billed.

The average vehicle cost is £75 and the maximum number of adjustment some vehicles can have is 10 adjustments.

So an example would be 4 adjustment  would cost £75.


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