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Our Story

Thanks for looking at our services, my name is Brad and I run this business.  The business was started 20yrs ago to sell 4×4 parts online We still sell online however most of the work is now carried out in our workshop. I started working in the company whilst at college studying  mechanical  engineering HNC. 

My passion is for anything motor related,  having a customer come into the workshop and setting up the car which is undriveable to being a joy to drive is great. 

We have the best four-wheel alignment equipment on the market (Hunter). We searched and asked questions for 6 months before deciding it was the one to go for, and it didn’t come cheap!  But we still aim to give an outstanding service for a very fair, competitive price.
And we won’t carry out any work without confirming with you first. There’s nothing worse than a surprise on your invoice! 


If you would like any advice on any of the services we provide, please call us  01977 703888