ECU Re-Mapping

Remapping is the process of updating the vehicle’s electronic control unit (ECU ) software,  When a manufacturer develops a new vehicle they create a set of values that meet all regions and drive conditions.  Upgrading the vehicle’s values safely gives more power and torque, giving improved drivability and in the case of diesel engines, enhanced economy.
Bram Racing are collaborating with Quantum Tuning who have developed a vast range of maps to cover all vehicles.  
They can give the following benefits: 
  •  15 – 40% EXTRA POWER
  •  8 – 15% IMPROVED MPG
 As an upgrade we have the facilities to measure before and after power runs with our hub dyno service, showing the changes that the re-mapping has given,  however the benefits are  limited to each individual vehicle’s capability.  The maps are designed to give the vehicle a better driving experience.
We offer various options for your vehicle. Please contact us for price and options.